Welcome to Cafe Venue

The sights, the sounds, the excitement of San Francisco all come together at the city’s own CAFE VENUE. Serving the City by the Bay since 1995, Cafe Venue has remained a favorite with newcomers and locals alike. With our beautiful surroundings and comfortable enjoyable atmosphere you can immerse yourself in the aromas and colorful flavors of eclectic homemade meals, fresh sauces, and delectable desserts all crafted in our kitchens. Fresh from our kitchens, direct to your table. CAFE VENUE is also ready to provide first-class service for your next business or social event. A great menu and a variety of locations make every event one to remember.


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Real food for a healthier life style.

Create your own culinary masterpiece by choosing two, three or four of our delicious and nutritious small plates. A variety of chilled and hot options are available to suit your preferences and nutritional needs. Top off your creation by adding an all-natural, sustainable protein.

Mexican Kitchen & Watering Hole.

In the fast-paced and highly demanding neighborhood of downtown San Francisco lives a little place to pause, cheers, and enjoy a vacation of the mind, belly, and spirit. Cenote is a reference to the natural limestone sinkholes found in Tulum and the Yucatan Peninsula. Beautiful natural places that expose groundwater. A tropical destination with life-giving properties; a geographical watering hole.


Locally owned and operated, Café Venue supports local, sustainable businesses and provides the freshest, most affordable choices in San Francisco while maintaining that a collective, collaborative approach is good for business, our community, and the environment. We buy from local farmers’ markets and food producers whenever possible and offer competitive wages & benefits to our employees who are likely to know you by name if you visit us regularly.